SBA Rules On SDVOSB Ownership And Control

10/16/2018Ostroff, Gretchen M.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) each has its own service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB) contracting program. Until recently, the VA and SBA programs were subject to different sets of eligibility rules. Effective October 1, 2018, SBA revised its eligibility requirements for the SBA service-disabled veteran-owned small… Read more »

Recent Change To Rights Of SDVOSB Minority Owners

10/15/2018Ostroff, Gretchen M.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) each administers its own service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB) contracting program. Until very recently, each program was subject to its own set of rules. Disparities between the eligibility requirements of the VA’s “Vets First” program and the SBA’s Service-Disabled Veteran Owned… Read more »

What Type of Entity is Right for Your Business?

03/16/2018Vandeventer Black

You may have noticed that various real estate acquisition firms, developers, builders, landlords, tenants, and leasing and management firms conduct business in a wide range of entities, but why do they do so and what are the important issues to consider when choosing an entity for your business?  The factors you should always consider before… Read more »


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03/16/2018Vandeventer Black

Although minority shareholders of Virginia stock corporations have little power to elect directors or sway corporate policy, they—or their attorneys or agents—do have some basic informational rights, set out in Sections 13.1-770 through 13.1-773 of the Code of Virginia, to “inspect and copy” certain documents if they give at least 5 business days’ notice to… Read more »


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03/16/2018Vandeventer Black

More often than I like, my first contact with a prospective borrower from a bank is when I am e-mailed a copy of a signed commitment letter.  In some cases, that commitment letter was preceded by a term sheet that I also didn’t see.  Similarly, often my first contact with the buyer or seller of… Read more »


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01/16/2018Vandeventer Black

You probably made several New Year’s resolutions in your personal life, but did you make any for your business? Here are ten resolutions to consider for 2018: Review your subcontracts and purchase order terms and conditions and revise them to meet your business requirements. Meet with your insurance advisor to review your insurance program. Verify… Read more »

Writing Off Bad Debt

12/08/2017Vandeventer Black

It is an unfortunate fact of life that businesses often have difficulties collecting debts. It is important that businesses take proactive steps to address their bad debt so that they can either collect the debt or obtain the benefit of a tax deduction. The Internal Revenue Code (as of the date this article was published)… Read more »

An Overview of Virginia Law on Electronic Signatures

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12/01/2017Chappell, W. Thomas

As business increasingly takes place digitally instead of on paper, electronic signatures have become an important facet of completing transactions.  Now, instead of executing transactions the traditional way by having the parties provide signatures in ink on paper, many transactions are now completed by clicking a button, typing one’s name into a form, signing a… Read more »

Handling Document Subpoenas

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11/22/2017Palais, Douglas M.

Businesses, large and small, are served with subpoenas with regularity.  My experience leads me to believe that many businesses do not understand the significance of subpoenas.  The purpose of this article is to provide some recommendations for handling subpoenas. First, what is a subpoena?  Although subpoenas are usually signed by attorneys, rather than by judges… Read more »

Distilling the Development Deal: Avoiding Pitfalls of Handshake Agreements

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09/06/2017Crouch, Richard J.

Your colleagues may have approached you about investing in a real estate development project or similar venture.  If it is your first investment of this nature, you may wonder how to best memorialize the deal and which questions you should ask on the front end to best protect yourself.  You may have general expectations for… Read more »