Alternative Dispute Resolution


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02/10/2017Lowenstein, Neil S.

Disagreements are always best resolved at the earliest stage. Construction disputes are no exception to that, and the earlier the better. Unresolved disputes can adversely affect not only the time and cost of performance; but also, and sometimes worse, relationships. And while the best dispute is one that never occurs, construction disputes can happen even… Read more »

Email is Not Private

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12/19/2013Genzler, Patrick A.

Authored by attorney Patrick A. Genzler Electronic mail has become the de facto principal means of communication for most businesses today.  And, in most businesses, email is widely used by many employees to perform company business.  However, the ease with which we can communicate and transmit documents by email comes with certain risks, particularly when… Read more »

Am I Responsible for That?

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07/13/2012Lowenstein, Neil S.

Authored by attorney Neil Lowenstein Landowners hire contractors to perform work for the landowner.  Contractors then typically hire multiple subcontractors to perform various portions of that work.  And, subcontractors then hire sub-subcontractors to perform various portions of their work.  And, so on depending upon the nature of the particular project.  Often the work being performed… Read more »